Dentists: Were you hoping for growth in your business in Q1 but didn’t achieve it?

If the first quarter of your business was 😵‍💫
And what you hoped for was 📈
This post is for you.
There’s things I do on a daily basis that contribute to quantum growth in my business. One of those DAILY action items is a concept called Morning Page.
An exercise I discovered in The Artist’s Way (book) by Julia Cameron. You write 3 pages every morning upon waking up. Write down whatever comes to your mind, from your conscious and subconscious.
Whatever you do, you must complete all three pages.
Not one.
Not two.
All three.
Today was day 100 of my morning pages, which means I’ve journaled 300 pages in the last quarter. In the last 100 days, I’ve been able to brainstorm and execute so many ideas that were never top of mind. Ideas that came to me from a place of stillness and abundance.
My business generated 49.5% my of 2022 revenue in Q1, 2023! That excites the crap out of me.
And I owe a lot of my financial and personal success to a few key habits:
1) Morning pages daily, even while I travel. Start each day with a clean, abundant slate.
2) Meditation, minimum 1 x 20 minute session once a week. Anything more than once is a bonus.
3) Reduce the gap between having an idea and implementation. The more you think about it the less likely you are to follow through.
4) Focus sessions of work. 3 x 50 minute focus windows daily, Monday to Friday. Get more done in 3 hours than many do in 8.
5) Unwavering belief: every mountain can be tackled with baby steps.
6) Hiring / working with others that can give me shortcuts: I love investing in coaches and service providers that can help me get the result faster.
This week starts the beginning of Q2 in your business.Take an hour to reflect on Q1.
What went well? What didn’t? What needs to change? Where do you need fo say yes? Where do you need to say no?
Wishing you an incredible next 90 days.

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