Dentists: Get Clear on Who You Are For

Someone out there is waiting for you.
They are suffering, with a unique pain. And you have a skill set that is uniquely positioned to help them out.
You can hope and pray that they discover you…
Patiently wait for leads to come knocking…
Hope someone submits the “contact me” form on your website…
Pray that you get a referral this week…
Spend more money to update your branding…
Decrease the price of your offers, thinking you’ll get a lineup of people…
OR (the suggested path)
You can get crystal clear who you’re for, who you’re not for, stop selling yourself short, and only work with people that are the absolute perfect fit a desired transformation.
Early in my business, you’ll say yes to anyone that can pay you. And you end up with clients that are unhappy, that also leave you unfulfilled.
Your scope of work is always changing and you’re creating new offers for everyone new client.
That’s a sure fire path to burnout.
Once you start making at least 10-15k/mo, you can begin to ”afford” saying no to clients that aren’t the right fit.
And what’s more important than the deal, is the people in the deal.
And each time you say no to someone, that allows you to say yes and attract the perfect clients.
I’ve seen time and time again with my clients that are hitting records financial months in their business that in fact they are yes to the right people and no to the ones that aren’t a fit.
PS. At the airport heading to Virginia Beach for a private mastermind. Surround yourself with people that celebrate you for being you.
PPPS. You are worth it.

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