Dentists: People want to work with YOU one on one

People want to work with you one on one. But you might not know how to communicate your value. And if that’s the case, your prospects may end up going elsewhere or will keep “thinking about it”. A lot of consultants and coaches that I’ve met in dentistry are incredible and what they do, but under-price themselves. This comes from a place of:1) Wanting to hover around the “market rate” and be comparable in price to your competitors2) Fear of rejection / not being able to demonstrate your value3) Wanting to be “nice” and “likeable” so that everyone does business with you4) Not fully believing in their your service5) Overcoming your own money stories and letting your past control your present These are all real issues in business. But they don’t have to remain being issues for you. What could happen in your life if people wanted to work with you, and didn’t even notice your competition? What if you became so clear on your value, that you interviewed prospects, not the other way around? What if people loved you for standing your ground, and making it clear you’re not for everyone? What if you increased the level of belief in your own service, knowing that your prospect will suffer without you? What if money simply became an energetic frequency, where you didn’t go looking for it, and every week it would come to you? That’s the game I want you to play. Not taking business too seriously. Having fun with clients that see your value. Never trying to impress anyone you meet. Just you, being you, at all times.

If you want to change the game you’re playing and get serious about working one on one with your clients, get in touch below and let’s chat.

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