Dentists: How to Reach Your Goals Using Reverse Engineering

If you can learn how to reverse engineer your actions, any dream or goal you have becomes attainable.
Two powerful ways to get what you want, fast:
1) Focus on the process, not the outcome.
2) Keep asking yourself “what is the BEST next step?” – and take the smallest viable action.
My clients that are now consistently hitting 5-figure months with their consulting/coaching business will attest. 
Let’s say you have a goal; how do you actually reverse engineer your actions to achieve?
We’re going to use me booking a speaking spot at The Dental Culture Con as the example.
Here was the process:
  •  100 days ago I announced on Facebook that I was looking to start speaking on stages (the process = me putting myself out there).
  • Winning Dentistry’s Got Talent gave me the desire to share my message (the process = applying for this speaking competition).
  •  Connecting with people that host events (the process = finding the types of people I want to associate with, and meeting them in person).
  • Sharing my messages on social media 3-5 x a week (the process = creating familiarity with an online audience).
  • Having a 30-min connection call booking link (the process = getting to know people in the industry).
  • Hosting my own events (the process = building relationships with people that already love going to events).
You see how without the process, there could never be the outcome (speaking on stage)?
There’s about 10-30 action items you can take today, right now, that will help you focus on the process, increasing the likelihood of you reaching your desired outcome.
Think about the goal you have in your mind right now, and ask:
1) What process can I follow through on today?
2) What’s the best next step, and the smallest viable action?
And implement.

If you have a specific goal that you need help reaching, lets reverse engineer it together. Get in touch below and we can get started.

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