Dentists: How my client went from $7k to $15k in her consulting business

Here’s how Angela Davis-Sullivan went from $7K/mo in her business to over $15K/mo (in less than 90 days).
One of the biggest issues consultants and coaches run into is consistently thinking they need to be doing MORE.
More webinars…
More networking…
More “get to know you calls”…
More sales training…
And in doing more, you spread yourself thin, burn the candle on both ends, and you burnout.
You beat yourself up because you’re doing all the right things, but look at your bank account and wonder WTF happened (ask me how I know). What if the true way to scale your small business was doing less things, better?
Here’s what we did with Angela:
>> she got incredibly clear on WHO she was speaking to (and stopped being for everyone)
>> she picked a word that meant something to her: BRAVE (and every day had to demonstrate that act)
>> she got better at generating sales calls, with people that were already qualified (instead of jumping on calls that went no where)
>> she improved her relationship with money (and finally saw herself as a successful consultant in dentistry)
At the minimum, these were her foundations.
And once you have the foundations, you can talk about marketing, lead generation, handling sales objections, and all that other stuff you’re spending time on now.
But without your foundations, you’ll feel like you are sprinting, but not going anywhere.
The best part?
Getting weekly messages from Angela saying “holy sH*T you’ll never believe the sale that just came in”.
She works hard, did all the work, and now is experiencing the rewards.
Funny how doing less is exactly what you may need to do.

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