Dentists: Have you ever bought a one-way ticket?

“Have you ever bought a one-way ticket?”
One of my mentors back in 2019 asked me this.
“Helllll no! I have to get back to work!” – I probably said something along those lines.
That question challenged my beliefs of what I thought work had to look like. At first, I was pissed that he could buy one way tickets, travel the world, and work from his laptop. Once I really thought about, that anger turned into curiosity to question all my beliefs as to what’s possible.
And that curiosity is what helped me launch my business and leave my 9-5 job. I was more curious as to what might be possible, and less fixated on “what” the final result had to look like.
When I speak with dentist and entrepreneurs every week for what to make a change in their life, the biggest thing holding them back is they can “see” the road ahead.
But when have you truly been able to see the road ahead?
Life has taught you that it’s full of curveballs and nothing is promised. And despite the challenges, you’ve still managed to survive (and maybe even thrive) without knowing what was coming your way.
So if you’re looking to make radical changes in your life, I have two challenges for you that will serve your future-self well:
1) Keep being curious and let go of the “what” and “how”
2) Challenge your existing beliefs, not from a place of anger, but from a place of love and discovery.

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