The Fulfilled Dentist with Dr. Glenn Vo

Welcome to another episode of The Fulfilled Dentist!

Today I have with me Dr. Glenn Vo. Dr. Glenn Vo is a practicing Dentist, best-selling author, High-Performance Coach, and expert in karaoke.

As the creator of Nifty Thrifty Dentists, he has created a social media platform that reaches over 45k Dental Professionals.

Glenn became a USA Today Best Selling Author with his debut novel “2612 Cherryhill Lane” and a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author with his business book – “Industry Influencer.”

He coaches Professionals across the country and helps them become thought leaders in their Industry.

Glenn continues to wage war against Tooth Decay and Gingivitis in his practice while maintaining his job as an Uber driver for his kids and trophy husband to his wife Susan.

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