Dentists: The 15 Ways to Create Your Own Luck in 2023

15 ways to create your own luck in 2023.
1) Increase the speed it takes from having an idea to implementation. You can iterate later.
2) Start valuing yourself, and the service you provide. When people pay, they pay attention.
3) Double down on your strengths, find someone else to handle your weaknesses.
4) Stop talking yourself out of your own ideas. You are your biggest enemy, and can be your biggest cheerleader.
5) Change how you view the word “risk”. In fact, the only risk is staying stuck for another year.
6) Surround yourself with people that believe in you. Find mentors, coaches, or a community (or all three).
7) Be open to publicly testing your ideas. People can only support you when they know what you’re working on.
8) Stop listening to people who haven’t done what you’re about to do. People love to throw shade on the people wanting to better themselves.
9) Break up your routine. Be spontaneous, say yes to the trip, figure it out later.
10) Invest, invest, invest…in yourself.
11) Find ONE person to pay you for helping them solve a problem. Then duplicate what you did, and find the second person.
12) Don’t follow morning routines that don’t work for you. Create your own. Or your own afternoon routine.
13) Stop trying to impress people you don’t like, buying things you don’t need. Take those resources and invest back in you.
14) Commit to your goals. And do not expect an overnight success. That is a false narrative. No one becomes successful quickly. It takes time. Prepare for the marathon, stop expecting it to be a sprint.
15) Understand the journey is sweeter than the destination. After all, what’s waiting for all of us at the finish line?
Lots of love to you.
The person trying to better yourself.

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