Dentists: Don’t let work stress ruin your relationship at home.

About 50% of the dentists in my coaching program set the following goal for the first 30 days: improve my relationship at homeTheir goals are not: make more money, work harder, open a second practice, and the typical goals you might expect.
Improve. My. Relationship. At. Home.
I’m honored my clients are so honest with me. This way we can focus on what their main priority is.
If you want to improve any relationship, you need to work on yourself first. Your thoughts, emotions, how you handle situations, be open to new world views, and so much more (I’ll save this post for a rainy day).
But if you’re looking to improve your relationship immediately, let’s try a new approach.
Introducing The Life Dinner Method. The Life Dinner is broken into 3 categories:
1) Personal reflection on last month
• what could I have done better?
• what was I proud of?
• what’s causing me anxiety?
• what am I worried about for the future?
2) Relationship reflection on last month
• what’s one little thing we noticed about each other that we love?
• are there things we learned about life from our relationship?
• how might we want to improve moving forward?
3) Personal Goals for next month
• what do I want to achieve over the next 4 weeks?
Last night, Brandi and I took turns answering these questions over a delicious home cooked meal.
A few rules we follow:
• we give each other full immunity to share what’s on our mind, no holding back (sounds scary, but we’re doing it to improve our relationship)
• be in the moment, no checking phones during dinner (our dinner took 90 mins)
Dentistry in particular is a very stressful profession, and your relationship shouldn’t suffer because of it.
Try The Life Dinner method this month and watch your relationship reach new levels of connection.

If work stress is overtaking other parts of your life, we have a 3 day in-person event coming up that may be perfect for you. Get in touch below and let's have a chat.

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