Dentists: An Invite to Join The Expansion Project Community

My business hit multiple 6 figures in coaching and consulting, and another 6 figures from live events/retreats in 2022.
The business grew by 72% from last year!
Here’s what worked for us 2022:

Owning a niche: we went all in on dentistry, dentists, dental consultants, dental entrepreneurs. This helped me meet incredible people like Eric Block, Paul Goodman and Mona Patel.

Premium programs and events: we created unique retreats and workshops, that were new in dentistry. We started talking about life, purpose, and fulfillment — topics that some might consider too “woo”. My services are not for everyone, so I don’t try to convince anyone. Our programs and events deliver value for our clients, and our pricing reflects that. Our clients don’t want a low-ticket solution, they want to pay for the shortcuts. This helped me meet people like Devinn Geeson, Brandon Stapleton and Allison Henley Conrad.

Supporting and investing in relationships: showing up for other people, whether it was hiring them for support or showing up at their events with enthusiasm. This helped me meet Elijah Desmond, Laura Ann Collatz and Shahnaz Ahmed.
Having faith that what we do matters: when you hear the word “life coach” or “coaching” in general, it can have many associations. I don’t consider myself a life coach — I prefer the term “Partner in Expansion”.
When we work with our clients, we want them to win and win big. That’s why we are there every step of the way to ensure success is inevitable. Shoutout to Vadim Korolitsky and Karen Craggs-Milne– for being two humans that have believed in me since day one (and two of my longest standing clients).
Leaving [online] relationships that don’t serve me: Just because you’re “connected” on Facebook, doesn’t make someone your “friend”.
Associate wisely.
These are just some of the lessons that helped us grow in 2022.
We’re taking our lessons and strategies and placing them in the members library of The Expansion Project community.
This is a private community for dentists, dental entrepreneurs and consultants/coaches, and I would love to see if you’re a good fit for it.
Wishing you incredible success in 2023.

If you’re looking to make 2023 your best year, and would like to join our group, fill out the information below and I’ll walk you through how I might be able to help.

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