Dentists: How to Change Your Life in Less Than 12 Months

If I had to share my biggest tip or trick or strategy for success for you to have an amazing, successful 2023? If I had to just give you one piece of advice, it would be to put yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable. You’ve often heard the phrase comfort or growth lies outside of your comfort zone. That’s true. It’s one thing to know the information, and it’s another thing to totally implement and put yourself in situations where you truly feel uncomfortable.

So for those of you who don’t know and I’m so glad to be connected to people who are brand new to me, my name is Karan, and I got into the world of dentistry this past February. So it’s been less than a year since I came into the world of February, and now this year will have been my most successful financial year in my business, targeting dentists, hygienists, humans, and dentistry as my niche. And what I offer, I offer one on one coaching for dentists and hygienists that are burned out and are looking to increase joy and fulfillment. I offer retreats. We do personal growth and self development retreats that help people get a really good picture as to where they’re at in their life and what they don’t want anymore and what they do want anymore.

And I create environments where their success becomes inevitable. I also host retreats on how to host retreats. And this is for people who have always wanted to bring together a group of 610, 1215 people in a small setting, teach and create meaningful change. And I also do dental retreats, which means I take teams, a full team of a dentist and associate front office admin. And I do team retreats that are all about corporate goal setting and visioning and bringing the team closer together and understanding what chains and the practice are broken and how to become more efficient so ultimately they can make more money and just live a happier lifestyle. 

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