Dentists: Have you ever thought of hosting your own dental conference or retreat?

If you host live events / retreats (or are planning on hosting events in 2023), trust me when I say the DETAILS matter.
“Dude, nice pens!” – that’s what Dr. Eric Block said to me two weeks ago at my retreat in Mexico.
On day one, he noticed that the pens weren’t cheap. You know the type you get from the dollar store. The type that stop working after half a day. The type you throw away at the airport on your way home.
These were nicer pens that felt like quality… where the ink is so smooth you don’t want to stop writing.
I made a decision that every part of my events would be intentional, down to the type of pens we use.
When you write with a nicer pen, you see yourself differently. You see yourself as someone who’s successful and capable of achieving even more abundance.
Mind you, these pens aren’t overly expensive…but they are higher quality than most people are used to.
My biggest advice for anyone launching events is to ALWAYS focus on the guest experience.
The food.
The content.
The workshops.
All of this needs to be great (and it’s expected).
But do the things that are not expected.
Looking for micro-moments where you can deliver just enough uniqueness to stay memorable.
That’s what’ll make your events conversation worthy.
And ones that people will keep coming back to.
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