Dentists: What do you want others to remember you for on your 80th birthday?

Imagine it’s your 80th birthday party.
You’re healthy (hopefully).
Who’s in the room? Which loved ones, friends, family?
Who’s not in the room? Which loved ones, friends, family?
To keep it simple, let’s say you have the following people at your 80th party:
>> your significant other
>> your kids (if that’s part of your life)
>> any extended family
>> 2-5 of your best friends
Now as you blow out the candles and they sing happy birthday, to your surprise, everyone gets up to say a few words about you.
Starting with your significant other. 
What would they say about the type of person you are? How was your relationship with them? What memories do they remember the most? Did you inspire them to be better and go after their dreams?
Then your kids.
What kind of a parent were you? Were you present? Or were you busy working all the time? Were you a role model?
Then your extended family.
Did you live a life true to yourself, or one others expected of you? Did you skip all the family events because you were working? Did you check in in moments of doubt and worry?
Then your 2-5 best friends.
Did you inspire them to dream bigger? Did you have deep conversations about life, money, and relationships? Did you share memories and take the trips, even though work was keeping you stuck?
It’s hard to imagine what life will look like when you’re 80.
But what people will say about you, your character and how you showed up for them all begins today.
Not tomorrow. Not on New Years Eve. Not after Thanksgiving. But today.
The only moment and the only day that matters.
And if you’re busy checking life’s boxes, failing to enjoy the presence of your loved ones, feeling stuck in a career that is keeping you handcuffed to security….
Just ask yourself “what do I want people to remember me like when I’m 80?”
If you’re lucky, you get 4,000 weeks to do the things you want to do in this life.
Don’t be the one who has more regrets than they can count.
The person you are at 80 starts with the person you are right now.

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