Dentists: Has Your Income Plateaued?

“I’ve never made this much $ in one month before” – Karase 
[a client of mine – we have been working together for about 57 days]
Consultants in dentistry… if you want to make more money in your coaching/consulting business (or turn your side-gig into a full-time income), you actually need to be doing far less in your business.
On our coaching call today, Karese told me September is the highest revenue month of her business, ever!
So if you are plateaued on a certain revenue level, and you have been for quite some time (give or take 10%), check this out…
Here’s what we didn’t do:
  • complicated funnels
  • read tons of books
  • launch Facebook ads
  • any paid marketing
  • workshop/free trainings
  • host free trainings/workshop
  • get on every podcast possible
  • speak at other people’s Zoom events
Instead, we focused on:
  • increasing her financial frequency and raising her sales confidence, speaking directly to a SINGLE buyer instead of a pool of ‘potential’ people that are always interested but never serious.
No amount of grinding in your business will earn you the type of income you desire until you feel worthy of receiving it…and you’re speaking to serious buyers.
That’s why you keep finding yourself back on Amazon, buying the next book, thinking it will contain the magic answer you still don’t have.
The shiny stuff is shiny for a reason.
Staying busy makes it feel like you’re making progress, but your bank account doesn’t reflect busyness.
My gut tells me you actually do have the skills and experience to help people change their life.
But out of fear of rejection, or not feeling worthy (or some false story you’ve chosen to make real), you like the comfort of today.
One thing you can immediately implement in your business is a application form (you can mimic one of mine: ).
Having a prospect go through an application form can give you a lot of information about someone that you would ask on your sales call, in advance of the call.
Once you reviewed enough applications, it’s pretty easy to distinguish someone who’s serious versus someone browsing.
This dramatically increases not only the quality of your clients, but also increases the number of people who say “yes” to your high-ticket service.
If you have a coaching/consulting business, and your income has been plateaued for some time, get in touch below as there are two ways I might be able to help:
The first is a one-on-one program designed to help you double your income within 60 days, while working less hours than you are right now. If you can commit at least 1 hour a day to your business, this option will work for you.
You’ll get immediate one-on-one support on your business, we’ll identify your focus leaks and set you up with a marketing strategy that will lead to qualified sales calls.
This option will work best if you’re already making sales and not at ground zero.
The second is a three-day experience I am having in Jan and Feb of 2023, these are in-person workshop designed to take you to your next level…whatever that is for you. It could involve helping you get back in shape, to doubling your income, to finding your dream life partner…we’ve seen magical things occur after these events.
Either way, wishing you incredible success.

If you're feeling stuck right now, get in touch below and we'll have a quick chat.

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