Dentists: Does your “success” feel empty?

You are less than 6 months away from having a completely new life… if you’re burnt out and ready for a shake up, this is for you.

Flying home last night, I was reflecting on how much has changed in the last 6 months, let alone in the last 4 years since I left my hometown. For the longest time, other people put me in a box.

  • Karan works in oil & gas.
  • Karan is a personal trainer.
  • Karan hosts events with entrepreneurs.

And all those boxes weighted heavily on me.

In trying to make myself feel successful in the eyes of others, I lived a life with so many regrets. The brutal part is that you should “feel” successful because you have everything that you set out to achieve when you were in school. So why does “success” feel empty?

It’s because you have lost sight of your life compass: you longer have a sense of direction on where to go next.

Instead of developing your vision, you’re busy taking action but feeling like nothing is changing. It’s like you’re running full speed, only to realize you’re actually running in the wrong direction. Imagine how frustrating that would be…

So instead of trying to out-work yourself, what if you could wake up knowing you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to do? How would life feel if it felt, well, effortless? You’d wake up without an alarm, sip your favourite coffee, and grab a journal or notebook for a few hours of quiet time. Then you’d go “work” for a few hours, but really that work would feel like play… except you were also getting paid handsomely for creating value for those around you. Then you would end your day by 2pm, walk the day, and go to an afternoon guitar lesson.

You’ll have accomplished more in 4 hours than you previously had all week when you were “in the box”. Then you’d go to sleep, knowing you worked another day towards your vision, and knocked it out of the park…only to live an equally fulfilled day tomorrow.

That life is achievable for you.

That life is worth working for.

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