Dentists: How to Upgrade Your Life

If you want to immediately upgrade your life, trust me when I say no amount of personal development will work for you…

UNLESS…. you begin to trust yourself and your capabilities.

Before you ever trust me as a coach, you must trust yourself and your capabilities.

I work with incredible dentists who have hit success on every metric that society has put in front of them.
They have the car…the family…the house..the vacations…yet they feel like no one actually knows who they are.
And maybe that’s true? Maybe you’ve never actually shared your true gifts, passions, and dreams with those around you.
Have you ever described the juicy details of what you want in life to your spouse/partner/friends OR do you keep dimming your dreams?
Maybe every time you try to express interest in wanting to improve a part of your life, your environment and network doesn’t give you the support you need in that moment.
So you dull your dreams, put em on the back burner and say “well, let me just keep grinding and maybe things will get better on their own”.
If that hasn’t worked to date, then how will it change going forward?
It won’t….
You have an unwavering belief in yourself and your capabilities of making a change.
It’s the difference between saying “yeah, I’m interested in improving” versus thinking “I know I’m meant for more and nothing will get in my way until I achieve what I’m going after”.
A lot of people have worked with me and they think they want more money, happiness and fulfillment…and all of that is great and they’ll get that.
But the real benefits that my clients are telling me are things like:
“you saw me for the first time in a way no one has ever before”
“I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe”
“doing this work is fun and therapeutic and I already feel more confident in the week that is coming”
“I smiled and laughed for the first time”
“I had forgotten how to dream until I met you”
And so many other beautiful stories of people fully being themselves, and having fun in this gift of life.
I’m sharing this on a Friday because it’s the end of the week and you might be having two thoughts:
1) This week sucked, it was just like last week, I can’t wait for the weekend to turn off, and I’m already dreading Monday
2) This week was okay, it could have been better, I know I want more, I just don’t know what else to do.
Regardless of which thought, just know both are 100% in your control.
The moment you decide and begin to trust yourself, is the moment opportunities present themselves to you.
And when you’re open for change, you don’t have to go looking for it, it comes to you in waves like a tsunami.


And when you see the abundance of opportunity coming your way, you’ll be faced with another choice: jumping on the surfboard and diving towards the opportunity in OR staying put and thinking “I’ll get the next wave”.

I can help you design a better life. And it can begin happening in less than 30 days.
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