Dentists: Have the Sunday Scaries?

The Sunday scaries are feelings of intense anxiety and dread that occur every Sunday.

It’s a feeling you wake up with, gets worse in the afternoon, and radiates before the time you go to bed.

There is only one reason you experience this: you dread the routine you fall into on Mondays.

That’s it.

If you didn’t dread the work, life, or responsibilities you had on a Monday, these scaries would begin to disappear.

I was like this too, years ago, when I was in a career that no longer fulfilled me.

The career was comfortable enough to battle the scaries and I thought I could just hustle through another week.

But I knew I was lying to myself.

Luckily for me, the scaries didn’t result in drugs/alcohol use like it does for a lot of people.

But what it did do was hurt every relationship in my life, including the one with my spouse.

Even though I was upset about work on Monday, the burden of my stress fell on those who loved me the most (parents, sister, partner).

And because my parter was the one I spent the most time with, without me knowing, I was impacting her happiness and fulfillment.

My constant complaining of how I wish things were different added weight to her shoulders.

Eventually, without knowing it, we began to create distance in our relationship, and one night, it kinda blew up, resulting in a much needed conversation we were both avoiding.

The moment I decided to change my reality and to take ownership of my life, everything changed.

I decided enough was enough.

I left a career that no longer fulfilled me and started (what is now), my dream business, The Expansion Project.

It was difficult at the time, but I created a multi-six-figure coaching business helping other people overcome their Sunday scaries.

That was the birth of my coaching philosophy called “Living in the Dash”, where the “dash” represents the moment in time on your tombstone.

If you aren’t maximizing your dash, then you’re not living the life you know you are capable of.

Now, I work with dentists and high-achievers and help them take control of their life.

Dentists who have a very successful practice, but live in a state of overwhelm, often wanting to walk away from their practice.

Dentists who tell me how their work is hurting their personal relationship.

Dentists who tell me they have forgotten how to dream, because they are so deep in the hole of self-doubt and fear of not knowing what to do.

People often hire me to help them in one area of their life (career).

But what always happens as a byproduct is that they also become physically healthier, have a better relationship with their partner, and for the first time, wake up smiling and motivated to start their day on a consistent basis.

If you’d like some one-on-one help, I encourage you to click here and book a no-obligation call with me so I can learn more about what’s causing your case of Sunday scaries.

The worst thing that can happen on this call is I tell you I can’t help.

The best thing that can happen on this call is your life changes.

Fair enough?

With lots of love,

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