Dentists: Here’s Why You’re Unhappy

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Now…on to the goods!
Here’s how to know if you’re getting in your own way:
👉🏼 You have an idea, a thought, a goal, some future dream
👉🏼 You think about it, let it process for a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks (or months)
👉🏼 A little voice inside of you says some version of: “you’re not good enough”, “people like you don’t do things like this”, “be grateful for what you have”, “you’ll never be successful”
❌ You shut down the idea, go back to your life until the cycle repeats itself again tomorrow
Obviously, there is a lot at play here with your brain and neuroscience.
The mind and the self like patterns, routines, and comfort. Anything outside the norm has a tendency to be viewed as a threat.
The threat could be:
🤔 What if it doesn’t work out?
🤔 What will people think of me dreaming bigger?
🤔 What if I lose some of my hard-earned money in the process?
And hundreds of other little voices telling you everything that could go wrong.

If you’re sick and tired of these voices…let’s hop on a call.

The ‘dream’ that you’ve created for yourself is a lot closer than you realize.
But if you keep listening to that inner voice, your future will look a lot like your past.

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